wekancode Consulting

WeKanCode offers consulting services to small and medium scale businesses in order to help them navigate the challenging tech environment. We understand the importance of digital transformation in today’s economy and work hand in hand with companies to provide them with the technological tools they need to streamline their operations.

In addition to driving operational efficiency, we also help businesses achieve higher sales and increased loyalty by creating engagement and tracking consumer behavioral trends through digital solutions.

Technology Feasibility Analysis

Product Roadmap Definition

Experience Strategy

Monetization Strategy

Infrastructure Consulting

wekancode design

Our goal as a product company is to transform complex technology issues into intuitive and easy to use products suited to a predominantly non-tech audience.

The democratization of technology has disrupted the way digital strategies are implemented. It has pushed the industry to become more consumer oriented and its products more user-friendly.

WeKanCode has been focusing on building a design team with solid background in User Experience and human computer interaction.

wekancode development

We have built a world class team of engineers with strong corporate backgrounds and significant exposure to emerging technologies. With notable experience in top of the line technology multinationals, our team has the ability to build complex tech products ranging from e-commerce solutions to Big Data platforms.

In addition to engineering skills, our team’s eagerness to learn, combined with the right set of tools provided by WeKanCode creates the perfect work environment for driving innovation.

wekancode support

As your business grows from a startup to a company:

WeKanCode will help you navigate new challenges and find solutions to any potential problem. In order to ensure consumer satisfaction, every tech business needs a trustworthy team that ensures the continuity and appeal of it’s offer.
Because every business is different, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs. We then structure a tailored offer that suits their business requirements and assign an in-house team that handles maintenance, upgrades, and other tech support to avoid interruptions that could impact the business’ operations.